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3 Signs it's Time to Consider Roof Repairs

Posted on October 11, 2017

Roof Repairs in Toronto

The roof over our heads is part of what keeps us safe from rain and warm in the winter. Whether it's due to age or leaks at some point it may be time to start considering repairs. When it comes time to find a professional to make your roof repairs in Toronto, you can tell them about your roof and any signs you may have seen.

Leaks and Daylight

One of the most obvious indications of a roof in need of repair is a leak or a place of pooling water. Moisture in the insulation can also indicate a leak so if you think that might be a problem it's a good time to check your attic for signs. While you're at it try taking a look around to see if you can spot any daylight through the boards as you'll want to let your roofing professional know about that too.

Missing, Curling or Buckling Shingles

Another sign you'll want to tell the professional doing your roof repairs in Toronto about is any missing, curling or buckling shingles you may have noticed. This is most likely to happen in the areas of your roof that receive direct sunlight. Curling is one sign that your shingles may have gone past their intended life-span.

You Have an Older Roof

Your roof's age may be a prime factor in determining whether or not you want to consider repairs. The average lifespan of a roof is 20 to 25 years. Older roofs also tend to have more problems.

After you've found the right professional to make your roof repairs in Toronto, a good first step is to let them know if you've seen any of these signs in your roof. Tell them about any places where you've experiences leaks, and remember to let your roofing professional know if there are any problems with your shingle and how old the roof in question is. Knowing these signs can help them better assess your needs and make sure your roof repairs are done right.

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