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Who Polices The Home-Improvement Industry? NO ONE!

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Protect Yourself From A Bad Remodel With Our Free
Contractor Standards Guide.

Let’s face facts: There is ZERO accountability in the home-improvement industry. Why do you think so many homeowners have problems with contractors?

Sure, organizations like the Better Business Bureau do a decent job of keeping tabs on companies… but they don’t always paint the complete picture. What makes the lack of contractor accountability extra frustrating is that it’s often hard to judge a remodeler before you hire him. What qualities do you look for? What are the warning signs to watch out for? How do you know if he’s really trustworthy?

At Peter & Greg Walker Contracting, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help the discerning homeowner choose the RIGHT remodeler. We’ve created the Contractor Standards Guide—an extremely valuable resource you can use to evaluate any contractor you’re considering.

The Contractor Standards Guide shows you EXACTLY what to expect from a reputable contractor in terms of workmanship, stability, professionalism, and more. Everything you need to know to hire the perfect contractor for your project is in this guide. And best of all—it’s free!

Even if you don’t choose us for your project, we still want you to use this guide to help you find a quality contractor. It really can make all the difference between a poor-quality, over-budget, regrettable remodeling experience… and a superior-quality, on-time, on-budget project you’ll love for life.

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