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Introducing Beautiful Vinyl Siding That Performs… Even In Toronto’s SEVERE Weather.

Typical Vinyl Siding: Flimsy. Weak. Short Lifespan. Our Vinyl Siding: Strong. Heavy Duty. Lasts For LIFE.

Vinyl Siding & Siding Doors Installation Contractors Toronto

Let’s face it: Most vinyl siding is NOT made for Toronto weather. Ordinary vinyl siding warps, cracks, and buckles. Simply put, it’s a poor investment.

Luckily, our vinyl siding is anything but ordinary.

When deciding on what brand of siding to provide our customers, we wanted to have our cake and eat it, too. So we set out to find the most amazing siding on the market—a product that combined the value of vinyl with the durability of fibre cement or steel siding.

Basically, we wanted a brand of vinyl siding that looks great when it’s new… and stays that way forever.

After researching dozens of brands, we found just two that meets these lofty requirements: Gentek Premium Vinyl Siding and Celect Cellular Exteriors by Royal.

Here’s a closer look:

Gentek Vinyl Siding

Gentek is the only vinyl siding that’s affordable, beautiful, durable… and engineered specifically for severe weather conditions.

Celect Cellular Exteriors by Royal

Celect siding provides the beautiful appearance of wood… with NONE of the maintenance hassles. Celect siding also requires less maintenance than fibre cement and is just as durable.


But strong materials are only half of the equation. To ensure your siding lasts for life, we use a set of hyper-strict installation methods with our special Walker Process. This includes fixing rotted wood, repairing structural issues, and waterproofing underneath your siding to ensure your project lasts. We can also add insulation to your siding to cut your energy costs and keep your home a comfortable temperature year round.

So if you’re looking for beautiful siding that’s affordable, lasts for life, and is installed exactly right the first time, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Need Eaves?

We install ultra-heavy-duty aluminum seamless eaves. Our eaves withstand the heaviest downpours, and zero seams mean zero leaks. If you need new, lifetime-lasting eaves with your siding, we would be happy to install them!