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Toronto’s Only Exterior Contractor With The Processes To GUARANTEE A Flawless Outcome.

Our Hyper-Strict Protocols Eliminate All The Usual Installation Problems. ALL OF THEM.

Walker Home Renovation

Let’s face it: Most contractors in Toronto just don’t have the processes in place to ensure you a quality project.

We’re different. For over 35 years, we’ve pioneered the Walker Process, a system of hyper-strict protocols and procedures that GUARANTEE perfect results.

Here’s how:

Owners Who Are Personally Involved

It’s rare for the owner of a medium or large renovation company to be involved in a project. But at Walker Contracting, owners Peter and Greg Walker are engaged in your project from start to finish.

Greg and Peter both have 35-plus years of home-improvement experience—and they use that experience to ensure you a fantastic project. Before the quote, Greg reviews your project to ensure you get EXACTLY what you want. During installation, Peter oversees the project so every last detail is right.

Having TWO owners actively involved in your project provides oversight no other exterior company in Toronto can match.

Hitch-Free Installation

We approach your project with a simple philosophy: “Do it once and do it right… so it’s done FOREVER.”

To guarantee the best installation, all members of our crew undergo manufacturer training and are taught to do the job right NO MATTER WHAT. Whenever we bring on a new installer, we put him through our rigorous training process and teach him to do things OUR way (i.e., the RIGHT way).

Corner cutting? Missed details? Shoddy workmanship? At Walker Contracting, those typical installation problems just don’t exist.

Crystal-Clear Communication

Contractor/client communication is critical to a quality job. That’s why we are responsive, accessible, and always happy to talk whenever you have questions about your project.

In addition, we’re known as one of the most honest contractors in Toronto. Our word is our bond. We do what we say we’ll do. We show up when we say we’ll show up. We let you know if we’re running behind because of unforeseen circumstances. When you work with us, there are ZERO communication gaps.

Let’s Get Started

Let our Walker Process provide you with a project that’s done once and done right. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We abstain from sales pressure and insist on a “Customer Education, Zero Solicitation” approach.

We look forward to hearing from you!